iPhone 13 Pro Colors

The 13 pro colors colors are Apple Dim Gray, Blanched Almond, Apple Isabelline, Apple Sky Blue, we recommend using the 13 pro colors color palette for personal projects and in the case of commercial use to visit the company website. The color codes: RGB, CYMK for print, and Hex for web HTML/CSS. 13 pro colors Official Website

13 pro colors color codes: RGB, CMYK, Pantone, Hex

Hex Color: #696a6e
RGB Color: 105 106 110
Hex Color: #ffeacf
RGB Color: 255 234 207
Hex Color: #f3f4ee
RGB Color: 243 244 238
Hex Color: #96badc
RGB Color: 150 186 220
  • #565551
  • #f4e0c5
  • #d8d9d3
  • #97b2cd

13 pro colors color Palette Download

Download the 13 pro colors color scheme palette image with the color hex codes as a single image. These are the suggested colors to be used for digital media.

iPhone 13 Pro Brand Colors: A Stunning Range to Choose From

The iPhone 13 Pro is the most powerful and advanced iPhone yet, and it comes in a stunning range of colors to choose from. Whether you're looking for a classic, sophisticated color or something more unique and eye-catching, there's a color for you.

Here are the five brand colors available for the iPhone 13 Pro:

Graphite: This is the most popular color for the iPhone 13 Pro. It's a classic, sophisticated color that goes with everything. If you're looking for a timeless look, graphite is the way to go.

Gold: This is a luxurious and elegant color that makes a statement. It's perfect for those who want to add a touch of glamour to their life.

Silver:This is a classic and versatile color that's perfect for anyone who wants a phone that will go with any outfit. It's also the most reflective of the five colors, so it's great for those who want a phone that will catch the eye.

Sierra Blue: This is a new color that was introduced with the iPhone 13 Pro. It's a beautiful shade of blue that's both refreshing and sophisticated. If you're looking for something that's unique and eye-catching, sierra blue is a great choice.

Alpine Green: This is the newest color available for the iPhone 13 Pro. It's a deep, forest green that's both elegant and understated. If you're looking for a color that's both stylish and timeless, alpine green is a great option.

Which color is right for you? It really depends on your personal style and preferences. If you're not sure which color to choose, I recommend taking a look at all five colors in person to see which one you like the best.

Here are some additional factors to consider when choosing an iPhone 13 Pro color:

Durability: The graphite and gold colors are the most durable, as they are less prone to scratches and fingerprints.

Personal style: Choose a color that reflects your personality and style. If you're bold and outgoing, you might want to choose a bright color like sierra blue or alpine green. If you're more understated, you might prefer a classic color like graphite or silver.

Compatibility with accessories: Some accessories, such as cases and screen protectors, are only available in certain colors. If you plan on using accessories, be sure to choose a color that will work with them.

This comprehensive guide provides in-depth information on each of the iPhone 13 Pro colors, including their appearance in different lighting conditions, durability, and how they match Apple's official cases.

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