Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important for us. This page details how and when we collect, use, disseminate and protect the data provided by you while accessing and using

What is Personal Data?

As per Art. 4 sections 1 of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), ‘personal data means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. This includes name, email address, postal address, phone number, as well as, data such as the IP (Internet Protocol) address.

Data collection when you visit

You are not required to provide personal data when you visit You can visit this website anonymously.

However, based on your web browser, the settings of the software, and your computer, information such as your IP address, location, language, digital device, screen size, etc. may be passed to us. This data collection is automated and will be stored on the webserver for a period of a maximum of 1 (one) month after which it will be deleted automatically.

Data collection when you register on

You are not required to register at to access the majority of the content on the website, post comments, or provide feedback. Registration is required only if you want to post color schemes or information related to color.

The registration process is simple via an online form in which only the fields for username, first name, last name, nickname, and email are required.

Display of Gravatar

Gravatar is a “globally recognized avatar” that you can associate with an email address. On using the email address, the website will display the Gravatar whenever required.

Third-Party Website Links

Our website may link to external sites that are not operated by us. Please be aware that we have no control over the content and policies of those sites, and cannot accept responsibility or liability for their respective privacy practices.


Cookies are small text files that contain a string of characters. These files are sent to your computer when you visit a website. We use cookies to recognize the browser, store visitor preferences (for example, colors and color schemes that you have “liked” or set as “Favourite”), visitor settings, and other technical information required for a smooth and error-free experience on our web site. typically uses “Session Cookies” which will be deleted once the website is closed in the browser window. Other kinds of cookies need to be manually deleted by you.

Cookies do not store personal information.

If you choose not to use cookies, you can change this in the web browser settings. Please note that some features of our website may not work correctly, or at all if you visit the website with cookies turned off. In most cases, a website can be accessed even if the use of cookies has been blocked in the browser settings or when they have not been accepted. However, typically, when you block the placement of cookies, you can suffer limitations in the presentation of the website and your user interface.