Bud Light Colors

The Bud Light colors are Bud Light Blue (Pigment), Bud Light Bleu De France, we recommend using the Bud Light color palette for personal projects and in the case of commercial use to visit the company website. The color codes: RGB, CYMK for print, and Hex for web HTML/CSS. Bud Light Official Website

Bud Light color codes: RGB, CMYK, Pantone, Hex

Hex Color: #37388e
RGB Color: 55 56 142
Hex Color: #2b95e1
RGB Color: 43 149 225
  • #37388e
  • #2b95e1

Bud Light color Palette Download

Download the Bud Light color scheme palette image with the color hex codes as a single image. These are the suggested colors to be used for digital media.

Bud Light Brand Colors

Bud Light is a light beer produced by Anheuser-Busch. It was introduced in 1982 as Budweiser Light, and known exclusively as Bud Light by c. late 1984. Bud Light is advertised as a light beer with 4.2% ABV and 110 calories per 12 US fl oz (355 mL) serving.

The official Bud Light colors are blue and navy blue. The blue color is a bright, sky blue that represents the refreshing taste of Bud Light. The navy blue color is a darker, more sophisticated blue that represents the brand's heritage and quality.

These two colors are used throughout the Bud Light brand, from the logo to the packaging to the advertising. The blue color is often used in the foreground, while the navy blue color is used in the background. This creates a sense of balance and harmony in the brand's visual identity.

The Bud Light colors are also effective in conveying the brand's message. The bright blue color is associated with fun, excitement, and refreshment. The navy blue color is associated with sophistication, quality, and heritage. These two colors together create a brand that is both refreshing and sophisticated.

The Bud Light colors are a key part of the brand's success. They are memorable, eye-catching, and effective in conveying the brand's message. As a result, the Bud Light colors have helped to make the brand one of the most popular beers in the world.

Here are the official Bud Light color codes:

  • Blue: #2b95e1
  • Navy Blue: #37388e
  • White: #ffffff

These colors can be used in personal projects or for commercial use, but you should always credit Anheuser-Busch.

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