Hermès Group's Brand Colors

The Hermes Group colors are Hermes Azureish White, Hermes Blue (NCS), Hermes Black Olive, we recommend using the Hermes Group color palette for personal projects and in the case of commercial use to visit the company website. The color codes: RGB, CYMK for print, and Hex for web HTML/CSS. Hermes Group Official Website

Hermes Group color codes: RGB, CMYK, Pantone, Hex

Hex Color: #d1e8f0
RGB Color: 209 232 240
Hex Color: #008ec1
RGB Color: 0 142 193
Hex Color: #3c3c41
RGB Color: 60 60 65
  • #d1e8f0
  • #008ec1
  • #3c3c41

Hermes Group color Palette Download

Download the Hermes Group color scheme palette image with the color hex codes as a single image. These are the suggested colors to be used for digital media.

Hermès Group: A Legacy of Luxury and Craftsmanship

Hermès Group is a French luxury goods manufacturer established in 1837. Renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship, timeless designs, and unwavering commitment to quality, Hermès has become synonymous with the epitome of French luxury. The brand's products span a wide range of categories, including handbags, scarves, leather goods, watches, jewelry, fragrances, and homeware.

A Heritage Rooted in Craftsmanship

Hermès began its journey as a harness maker, catering to the needs of Parisian equestrians. From the very beginning, the brand embraced traditional techniques and artisanal skills, values that continue to define its identity today. Each Hermès product is meticulously crafted by hand, using time-honored methods and the finest materials.

A Palette of Elegance

Hermès' color palette is a carefully curated symphony of elegance, reflecting the brand's French heritage and understated luxury. The signature orange, known as "Orange Hermès," is synonymous with the brand and can be seen on the iconic Birkin bag and other signature products. Rich gold accents add a touch of opulence, while timeless neutral tones provide a sense of balance and sophistication.

A Symbol of Global Luxury

Hermès has established itself as a global symbol of luxury, with a presence in over 50 countries worldwide. The brand's flagship store on Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris is a legendary destination for shoppers seeking exquisite craftsmanship and timeless elegance. Hermès also operates a network of exclusive boutiques and outlets, ensuring that its products remain accessible to discerning clientele around the world.

A Commitment to Sustainability

Hermès is committed to sustainability, recognizing the importance of environmental responsibility and ethical sourcing. The brand has implemented a number of initiatives to reduce its environmental impact, including sourcing sustainable materials, using renewable energy, and reducing waste. Hermès is also committed to ethical labor practices, ensuring that its products are made with respect for human rights and workers' well-being.

Hermès Group: A Legacy of Enduring Luxury

Hermès Group is a testament to the enduring power of luxury, craftsmanship, and heritage. Through its unwavering commitment to quality and its dedication to preserving traditional techniques, Hermès has established itself as a global leader in the luxury goods industry. As the brand continues to evolve and adapt to the changing world, its core values of craftsmanship, elegance, and sustainability will undoubtedly remain at the heart of its identity.

Hermès Group is a brand that embodies the very essence of French luxury, captivating its clientele with its exquisite creations, timeless designs, and unwavering commitment to excellence. As you delve into the world of Hermès, you will discover a legacy of craftsmanship, a symphony of elegance, and a global symbol of enduring luxury.